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Miracle Sudoku

Published on Jun 5, 2020

I’m a big fan of Sudokus, is one of those things where it’s possible to spend several hours and don’t notice how much time has passed. The other day I stumbled upon this amazing Sudoku. It starts with only two cells filled and several extra rules, besides Sudoku rules. It’s really fun how he goes…

Get rid of huge Font Awesome icons on Gatsby

Published on Jan 9, 2020

When building this site I noticed that on the first load before anything is cached on the browser, the Font Awesome icons used in the footer and contact section were huge for a second or two, it looks ugly so it needed to be fixed. Why it happens? The usage of a Font Awesome icon on React/Gatsby/etc…


Published on Jan 4, 2020

A few days ago I saw a tweet about a challenge to learn more about Gatsby, and since my site was already a simple landing page and a separate blog, both built with it, thought this could be a good opportunity to improve both the site and my knowledge of it, so here we go! Challenge 1: Create a…

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