Denny Crane Rlz

Feb 12, 2007 Edit in Github

El viernes vi un episodio de Boston Legal que no había visto, y hubo una parte que me hizo morir de risa, y es esta:

Denny: Brad. I really couldn’t have fired you by myself. Brad: Yes, you could have. Denny: Yes, I could have. But sometimes people say things they don’t really mean. Like, “I love you.” Or “You’re fired.” So. I really want you to stay with the firm. While everyone was whining about Bev, you were actually trying to take her out. I admire that. You have very large testicles, my friend. Brad: Well. Thank you, Denny, I’m flattered you have that opinion of me. Denny: It’s not my opinion. I saw you in the shower at the gym. Good God!

Aun no puedo dejar de reir xDDDD